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Sipoonjoen perinnesauna

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Sipoonjoen perinnesauna

Experience the steam of life

Sipoonjoen perinnesauna is a traditional smoke sauna near Sipoonkorpi national park

Sauna is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 3 PM to 7 PM. Please reserve your slot for the sauna in advance.

Interested in a private sauna session? Contact us for more information!

No public shifts are organised during the Midsummer weekend (25th to 26th of June). Contact via email ( if you're interested in booking a private shift!

Experience the
steam of life

Sipoonjoen perinnesauna is a traditional smoke sauna near Sipoonkorpi national park

Enjoy the relaxing steam of the smoke sauna

We are located right next to the Sipoonkorpi national park.

A unique sauna experience in the midst of nature

Sipoonjoen perinnesauna offers a unique experience in a ground-built traditional smoke sauna. The steam of the sauna and the cold and warm water pools are an ideal combination for a super-relaxing afternoon or evening near the Sipoonjoki river. We also offer sauna treatments with leaves and whisks as well as nature tours in the surrounding national park. Contact us ( for more information! 

Public sauna

Sipoonjoen perinnesauna is open every Saturday and Sunday from 3 PM to 7 PM. 

Since we are a mixed-gender public sauna, swimsuit, a bath towel or underwear is required to be worn on the premises.

Reserve a slot for you and your friends online through our reservation system.

Thinking of bringing your own crowd? Book your own sauna session. Ask more via email (!

Sauna treatments

Have you always wanted to know what is sauna all about? We offer healing sauna treatment for individuals, couples or small groups. 

During the sauna ritual you will get to learn about the traditional sauna, experience löyly and hear traditional sauna songs, experience herbal skin pealing, whisking treatment with different types of whisks, soft massage and traditional sauna runes.

Ask us more about sauna treatments via email (!

Cold and warm pools

Balance the heat of the sauna by dipping in the cool water pool, or enjoy the scenery of the surrounding forest in the warm water pool.

The temperature of the warm and cool pools varies according to the season.

Access to the cool and warm water pools is included in your sauna ticket.

Sauna ticket


Sauna ticket for the sauna ceremony

45 €

You may pay your sauna ticket beforehand in our online shop or via MobilePay (83172, Sipoonjoen perinnesauna).

You may also pay with card or cash on-location.

The sauna treatments of the sauna ceremonies are paid on-location directly to the holder of the ceremony with cash or MobilePay.

Are you looking for a multiple sauna pass or a perfect gift for a sauna lover?

Take a look at our gift voucher selection in our online shop.
Valid 12 mo!

We are experts in the Finnish sauna tradition

Sipoonjoen perinnesauna is for everyone, who is interested in the Finnish sauna culture and curious to learn more about the sauna experience. During the years, we have noticed how sauna can be much more, than just a place to have a wash oneself. It can be a holistic, healing experience, that leaves a lasting impression. Our years of experience with different saunas combined with our knowledge of the sauna tradition guarantees you an unique experience at Sipoonjoen perinnesauna.

A meditative space for relaxation

The log cabin near the sauna, the terrace corridor that runs through the forest, as well as the spacious patio in front of the sauna work together to create a perfect setting for your sauna experience.

The best way to reach us is with your own car or bicycle, or by taking a taxi ride. You can also reach us via bus (line 841 from Itäkeskus / Östra centrum, leave at Broböle stop and walk about 1 km). 

Personnel always available for you

We will personally guide you to the practices of the sauna. We are also available during and after the sauna experience, in case you have any questions. You also may find us sharing the sauna experience with you!

Nature activities in the national park

Since we are surrounded by huge forests, Sipoonjoen perinnesauna is a nature attraction by itself. However, if you are interested in having a walk or a bike ride inside the nearby Sipoonkorpi national park, send us an email ( We'd be happy to tell you about the options!

Reserve your slot for a traditional sauna experience

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